Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter

Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter
Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter
Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter

Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter – NTSB investigators examine the remains of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant in January 2020 near Calabasas, California. James Anderson/AP File

A helicopter pilot’s “space wandering” played a key role in the crash that killed basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and several friends last year, federal officials said Tuesday.

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Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter

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Los Angeles Lakers icon Gianna Bryant, 41, 13, and seven others died on Jan. 26 when their Sikorsky S-76B helicopter crashed into a Calabasas hill on a cloudy morning off the coast of Southern California. He also surprised the sport. The world of basketball

Spurs Newsletter: Remembering Kobe Bryant, His Final Sa Game, Tributes From Pop, Former And Current Spurs

The crash also killed 13-year-old Peyton Chester. Sarah Chester, 45; Alyssa Altobelli, 14; Kerry Altobelli, 46; John Altobelli, 56; Christina Mauser, 38; and Ara Zobian, 50 years old.

The National Transportation Safety Board said at a hearing to determine the cause of the crash that Zobian was the lead pilot for Iceland Express Helicopters and had 8,500 hours of flying experience and 10 years of experience in the area where the plane crashed. .

The pilot had “spatial disorientation,” which NTSB Chairman Robert Samwalt described as “intense, disorienting sensations that can confuse a pilot in visual flight and cause him to lose visual references.” To be effective in coping. This work.”

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen this risk before,” said board member Michael Graham. Helicopters continue to fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) in meteorological conditions and unfortunately lose control of the aircraft due to the lack of positioning.

Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter
Kobe Bryant Death Photos Twitter

New Filings Suggest Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Spread Widely Among Workers

While there is no requirement for Iceland Express helicopters to use two pilots, Sumwalt insists that two sets of trained eyes can make a difference.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Sumwalt downplayed the idea of ​​two pilots, even dismissing his own investigator, who found a pair of pilots at the controls after seeing several “space drift” accidents.

“I disagree with that,” said Sumwalt, a longtime US Airways pilot before joining the NTSB.


“I think that two pilots increase the level of safety. I have been traveling with two pilots for a long time, and in an airline environment, if one pilot has a problem, the other pilot sits down and says “A”. Wait a minute, they move 30 degrees to the left and start descending.”

Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Crash Aged 41

When Zubayan encountered the sea surface that morning, the pilot appeared to be flying over federal guidelines in fog, the NTSB said.

Graham said the pilot should have avoided “bad weather” and “turned around, turned around, or landed the helicopter.”

Zubayan is also believed to have put himself under “self-imposed pressure” to complete the trip due to his longstanding relationship with Bryant.

Investigators said there was no indication that Bryant or anyone in the travel party pressured Zubanyan to end the trip Sunday morning. An hour before the ceremony, a fire officer flashed the disturbing photos. The sheriff’s deputy shook the tape off her neck and shared it with the bartender. Another deputy, who couldn’t believe how gruesome the images were, sent them to a colleague while they were playing online video games with friends.

Michael Jordan Reacts To Kobe Bryant’s Death: ‘he Was Like A Little Brother To Me’

In the year Photos of the bodies of Lakers star Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other people who died in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles in January 2020 have been shared on at least 28 devices owned by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. . According to recent legal documents filed by his legal team for Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s widow, employees and at least a dozen Los Angeles County firefighters.

Court documents, depositions and cell phone forensics, try to show the chain created to release and widely share the images. Bryant is suing the county and some of its agencies and employees, saying she suffered emotional distress as a result of sharing the photos, and the county tried to keep the photos out of the public eye when told by officials that it did nothing wrong. they

Many people who saw the photos described the fossils as bold, something Bryant said in the document made the situation worse.


“I think Kobe is watching what happened at that accident scene, and I’m overwhelmed with anger and emotion,” Bryant wrote in a statement accompanying the record.

Kobe Bryant Death: Latest News, Updates, Reactions As Lakers Legend, Nba Icon Dies At 41 In Helicopter Crash

“I am deeply saddened and outraged to learn that photographs of my husband and son’s dead bodies have been displayed at a bar and at an awards party,” she added.

The filings were filed in response to a summary judgment motion filed by Los Angeles County in November to dismiss the lawsuit.

County-hired attorney Lois Miller, known as Skip, said in a statement that the county is sorry for Bryant’s loss, but not guilty.

County emergency workers responded to that crash and instituted a no-fly zone at their request, made extensive efforts to keep people and paparazzi away from the scene, and confirmed that no investigative photos were released publicly. . “The city has done its job and believes there is no merit to this complaint.”

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Freaky Tweet From 2012 ‘predicting’ Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Death Has Gone Viral. But Is It Real?

Bryant’s legal team denied the county’s claims, saying sharing the photos with employees without a clear investigative purpose constituted public disclosure. The photos the attorneys presented included evidence from the employees who shared the photos and forensic evidence obtained from phones used to record the photo sharing.

Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, is suing Los Angeles County, some of its agencies and some of its employees.

Los Angeles County Fire Department Public Information Officer Tony Embrenda shared these images with a group of firefighters and many others at a celebration celebrating emergency medical workers.


“I saw Kobe’s body burning before I ate it,” said one onlooker.

Coverage Of Bryant Tragedy Left Some Ugly Marks

Last year, Imbrenda, who did not comment on the case, sued the state for being demoted after refusing to give up her personal cell phone. Bryant’s legal team said Embrenda received some footage on his work cell phone from Safety Officer Brian Jordan, who said he was the fire chief handling media communications at the scene. According to the documents, Jordan sent the images to several other people. Before his early retirement, he faced layoffs from the department. A message left with the attorney was not returned.

Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Johnson, who is not named as a defendant in Bryant’s lawsuit, photographed the bodies on his personal cell phone and took at least four photos of the remains, including Kobe’s and Gianna’s bodies, Bryant pointed out. He sent the photos to another deputy, Raul Versailles, who testified they “didn’t need him to keep the photos” but sent them to four other members of the department.

Deputy Michael Russell, who testified that he requested the images out of curiosity, shared them with another deputy while playing a video game. Deputy Joey Cruz showed them to a bar, where a citizen filed a complaint with the Sheriff’s Department in February 2020.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva responded by ordering staff to immediately remove the photos after learning of the complaint. According to county records, they did not face discipline because, in the county’s view, the photos were not made public.

Lakers Post Heartfelt Message After Kobe Bryant’s Death

“I will tell you that I did exactly what I had to do to make sure that no further harm was done to the family,” Villanova said. “If I had it to do over again, I would probably do the same thing. I was making a decision.”

Vanessa Bryant asked Villanova to secure the site and make sure no photos of the deceased were released.

Bryant’s legal team believes the photos may already be in the public domain and that the photos taken by emergency workers were removed to destroy evidence. The county said it ordered employees to remove the photos because it was Bryant’s wish that they not be published any further.


But Bryant’s defense attorneys said they were told by other citizens about the release of the photos. An Orange County law enforcement officer who did not respond to the incident showed the photos at a bar, attorneys in the case said. According to the lawyers, the photo of Kobe Bryant’s body, which was sent to Bryant by an anonymous person on his Twitter page, is similar to the actual pictures at the scene of the accident.

Vanessa Bryant Calls Out Evan Rachel Woods For ‘vile’ Comments Made On The Day Kobe Died

The cases are the latest in a hotly contested case. In earlier rulings, a judge ordered Villanova and Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby to stand trial — Villanova did and Osby is investigating — and Bryant and his therapist were ordered to hand over documents related to the meetings. Copyright © 2022, Los Angeles Times Terms of Service Privacy Statement CA Collection | do

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