News Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer Actualy

News Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer Actualy
News Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer Actualy
News Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer Actualy

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Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer 

Daftar Isi

Boosie rapper BadAzz tweeted, “As black people, we should boycott (the show). What he did to our black children is disgusting.”

News Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer Actualy
News Causa De Muerte De Jeffrey Dahmer Actualy

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 children and young people, many of whom were black and gay.

The sister of one of his victims described a series called “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” as “harsh and sloppy.”

Rita Isbell, whose brother Errol Lindsay was 19 when Lo Dahmer killed him, made a riveting statement at the 1992 murder trial, but said she was not told she would be recreated in the 10-chapter series created by Ryan Murphy (“gleeful,” ” American Crime” and “posturing”).
“When I saw part of the show, it bothered me, especially when I saw myself, when I saw my name on the screen and this woman repeating exactly what I said verbatim,” Isbell told The Insider.

“It’s just greed.”
Lindsay’s sister said Netflix should have donated some of the money for the series to the victims’ children and grandchildren.

“If the program had done them any good, it wouldn’t have been so hard and carefree. It’s sad that they’re only making money off of this tragedy. It’s just greed.”

Last week, Lindsay’s cousin Eric Perry tweeted that the family is not happy with the show.

“It’s traumatizing all over again, and what to do about it?” he said. “How many movies/series/documentaries do we need?”

“To recreate my cousin in an emotional breakdown in court in front of the man who tortured and killed her brother is insane. Crazy,” he added.Dahmer’s crimes also included cannibalism and necrophilia. He was convicted in 1992 and killed in prison two years later.

Ann E. Schwartz, the journalist who broke his crime story in 1991, told The Independent that the series “sacrificed accuracy for drama.”

The former police reporter said the producers took ” artistic license ” for many of the key details and that the series ” doesn’t really resemble the facts of the case.”

He also noted that “the description of the city’s police officers as racist and homophobic was incorrect.”

Records of the hearing

.l’;poo9. dxcsdn vmNetflix was also criticized for initially classifying it as an LGBT show. That label was later removed.

According to IndieWire, the controversy didn’t stop the show from garnering its highest viewing figures in the first week of the streaming service for a brand new series since it launched its audience measurement system in June 2021.

The series starring Evan Peters as Dahmer was watched 196.2 million hours in its first full week, and is currently the No. 1 TV show on Netflix in more than 60 countries.

Netflix was asked to respond to the criticism, but to no avail.

Its official synopsis states that the series “exposes these intolerable crimes, focusing on underserved victims and their communities, affected by systemic racism and institutional flaws in policing that have allowed one of America’s most notorious serial killers to continue his killings in plain sight for longer than a decade.”

“Almost a delightful bad smell.”

Reviews of the series have been mixed, with Stuart Heritage of The Guardian calling it “almost deliciously delightful.”

“Worst of all, in some ways, the choice of approach to the program (…) the only good thing a series like this can do is to divert attention away from the killer and show who these people really were. But ‘Monster’ is unfortunately, for the most part, too in love with its main star for that.”

Daniel Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter called it a “maddening mishmash,” adding that “belittling most victims and their families to their pain is closer to exploiting that pain than to reading any memoir.”

But Paul Tassi of Forbes said: “I’m not sure that” I like ” the show is the right phrase, because it’s pretty unpleasant to watch, but I think everyone involved gets it right, and the show does a lot to focus on the victims, the ineptitude of the police and the damage that Dahmer left in his wake.”

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