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Untuk soal nomor 1 sampai dengan 40, pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat dengan
menghitamkan bulatan pada huruf A, B, C atau D pada lembar jawaban!

Read the reading text 1 to answer questions numbers 1 up to 3.

                                         THE CHEETAH

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land. It can run 100 kilometers an hour. It is now
rare and is one of the animals which is in danger of extinction.

The cheetah has a small head and ears, and long, powerful legs. It always hunts and
chases its prey on open ground.

This is a different way of hunting from the other “big cats.” They like to stay in and
near trees to catch their prey. The cheetah is also different from other cats because it cannot draw in its claws.

(Source: Abbs, Brian, Take Off. Student Book 2, p. 52)

  1. Paragraph two tells us about … .
    A. Physical Description of a Cheetah.
    B. The way how a cheetah hunts its prey.
    C. What makes a cheetah different from other animals.
    D. The reason why cheetah belongs to rare animals.
    Jawaban: A
  2. “It is now rare and is one of the animals which is in danger of extinction.”
    ( Paragraph 1 ).
    The information’s implies that … .
    A. We can still see so many cheetahs roaming in thick forest nowadays.
    B. People must prevent cheetahs from extinction due to irresponsible people’s
    C. Cheetah can be exploited to be a domestic animal.
    D. Cheetah can run very fast therefore it can avoid any harmful predators.
    Jawaban: B
  3. What is the purpose of writing the above text ?
    A. To persuade people not to hunt cheetahs
    B. To describe cheetah in general
    C. To amuse readers with a story of a cheetah
    D. To tell people the right way to protect the rare cheetahs.
    Jawaban: B

Read the reading text 2 to answer questions numbers 4 up to 6.
Long, long ago, when the gods and goddesses used to mingle in the affairs of mortals,
there was a small kingdom on the slope of Mount Wayang in West Java. The King,
named Sang Prabu, was a wise man. He had an only daughter, called Princess Teja
Nirmala, who was famous for her beauty but she was not married. One day Sang
Prabu made up his mind to settle the matter by a show of strength.
After that, Prince of Blambangan, named Raden Begawan had won the competition.
Unfortunately, the wicked fairy, Princess Segara fell in love with Raden Begawan
and used magic power to render him unconscious and he forgot his wedding. When
Sang Prabu was searching, Raden Begawan saw him and soon realized that he had
been enchanted by the wicked fairy. The fairy could not accept this, so she killed
Raden Begawan. When Princess Teja Nirmala heard this, she was very sad. So a
nice fairy took her to the Kahyangan.

  1. What do you think will happen if gods or goddesses cannot mingle in the affairs
    of people in the earth at that time?
    A. Princess Segara will have married with Raden Begawan
    B. Sang Prabu will not hold strength competition
    C. Raden Begawan will not die
    D. Wicked Fairy will not take Raden Begawan’s life
    Jawaban: C
  2. So a nice fairy took her to the Kahyangan. (Paragraph 2) The word her in the
    sentence refers to…
    A. The wicked fairy
    B. The nice fairy
    C. Princess Nirmala
    D. The prince of Blambangan
    Jawaban: C
  3. Why did the wicked fairy use her magic to make Raden Begawan unconscious?
    A. She didn’t like Raden Begawan
    B. She didn’t want Raden Prabu marry the princess
    C. She wanted Teja Nirmala to forget about her wedding
    D. She didn’t want the prince of Blambangan marry the princess
    Jawaban: C

Reading text 3 for questions numbers 7 up to 10.
The forest and peat land fires and smog, billed the worst in Indonesian history, still
dominated media headlines this week, with thousands of hot spots covering Sumatra
and Kalimantan. At least 19 people in Sumatra and Kalimantan have died, and mostly
children, have been hospitalized because of severe respiratory illness cause by the
haze. According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), the ongoing
haze crisis has resulted in more than 500,000 people in six provinces – Riau, Jambi,
South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, and South Kalimantan –
suffering from respiratory infections.
As evidence indicates that most hot spots are related to oil and palm and pulpwood
plantations, President has instructed the Forestry and Environment Ministry to stop
issuing new permits for peat land cultivation for monoculture restore damage peat
land and review all peat land licenses that have been issued. Put bluntly, companies
can no longer convert active forests and deep peat or any peat area into monoculture
plantations, such as acacia for pulp and oil palm plantations.
Recent research by forest scientists at the Bogor, West Java-based Center for
International Forestry Research (CIFOR) found that peat swamps in their natural
state are resistant to fire because they are wet underground, but they can be highly
flammable when they dry out and are degraded.

  1. What is the text about ?
    A. The forest fire and the effect in Indonesia
    B. The worst condition of forest fire in Indonesia.
    C. The victims of the forest fire in Sumatra and Kalimantan.
    D. The research evidence that peat swamps in nature is resistant to fire.
    Jawaban: A
  2. What can we infer from the text?
    A. Many people suffered from serious illness because of the haze
    B. Only children have been hospitalized from severe respiratory illness
    C. The main cause of haze in Riau came from the slashing and burning of
    forest areas
    D. Companies could convert active forest and deep peat into monoculture
    Jawaban: A
  3. “companies can no longer convert active forests and deep peat or any peat area
    into monoculture plantations….”( paragraph 2, line 4 ). The underlined word is
    closest in meaning to … .
    A. Make
    B. Change
    C. Utilize
    D. Destroy
    Jawaban: B
  4. ´… are resistant to fire because they are wet underground,….” ( Paragraph 2,line 7 )
    The bold-typed word in the sentence refers to … .
    A. Peat land licenses C. Active forests
    B. Peat swamps D. Foreign companies.
    Jawaban: B

Reading text 4 to answer questions numbers 11 to 13.

  1. The card above is best given in … .
    A. A marriage event C. A house warming celebration
    B. A graduation occasion D. A thanksgiving day
    Jawaban: B
  2. Why was the card written ?
    A. To warn him about his future
    B. To congratulate him on his success
    C. To remind him of achieving brighter opportunities
    D. To encourage him to be optimistic in facing his future
    Jawaban: B
  3. “… wishing that brighter opportunities light up your way…”.
    The underlined word is similar in meaning to … .
    A. Chances
    B. Ambitions
    C. Troubles
    D. dreams
    Jawaban: A

Reading text 5 to answer questions numbers 14 – 17

To : All members of Literature Club
From : Chairman of Literature Club
Date : May, 27th 2020
Subject: Reviewing book

I would like to inform all members of Literature club that on this Saturday we will
hold a reviewing Konspirasi Alam Semesta, a book by Fiersa Besari. I expect your
participation in this occasion. This Occasion will be held at 09:00 AM in Auditorium.

  1. What is the writer’s purpose in writing the message ?
    A. To get permission from all students to join the project
    B. To invite all members of Literature Club to review a best selling book
    C. To tell all students that he is interested in reviewing books
    D. To inform all students about the cancellation of a meeting
    Jawaban: B
  2. From the message above we can infer that … .
    A. Fiersa Besari is an author
    B. The participants of the event will be introduced to a tip of business
    C. The chairman of the literature club is a great book writer
    D. The event will be carried out at 09.00 in the evening.
    Jawaban: A
  3. “ …. that on this Saturday we will hold a reviewing…..”
    The underlined word refers to … .
    A. The chairman of the literature club
    B. The chairman including the members of the literature club
    C. The chairman, the members of the club and a book writer
    D. The members of the literature Club and a book writer
    Jawaban: B
  4. What will the students probably do after reading the message ?
    They will … .
    A. Come to the book reviewing occasion
    B. Come to the event and get some books
    C. Tell their friends to review their own favorite books
    D. Soon gather at school to organize a books fair.
    Jawaban: A

Reading text 6 for answering questions numbers 18 to 21.
Komodo dragon is a member of the monitor family, Varanidae. It is the world’s
largest living lizards. It grows to be 10 feet (3 meters) long and weighs up to 126 kg
and belong to the most ancient group of lizards still alive.
It is found mainly in the island of Komodo and on other small islands, Rinca, Padar,
and Flores. The natives call the dragon, ora, or buaya darat (land crocodile).
The Komodo dragon has a long heavy tail, short, strong legs, and rough skin. It is
covered with small dull, colored scales. It can sprint at up 18 km per hours, but only
for short distances. When it opens its wide red mouth, it shows row of teeth like the
edge of a saw.
Komodo dragons are good swimmers and may swim the long distance from one
island to another. Like other lizards, they swim with their undulating tails, and
their legs held against their body.
The Komodo dragon is totally carnivorous. It hunts other animals during the day.
It hunts deer, wild pigs, water buffaloes, and even horses. While smaller komodos
have to be content with eggs, other lizards, snakes and rodents. Komodo dragons are
cannibals. The adult will prey on the young one as well as the old and sick dragons.

  1. The writer’s purpose in writing the text above is … .
    A. To retell what has happened in Komodo Island
    B. To describe Komodo Dragon in general
    C. To amuse readers with the story of Komodo Dragon
    D. To persuade people to keep and breed Komodo Dragon.
    Jawaban: B
  2. Komodo dragons are cannibals because … .
    A. they hunt wild pigs, deer, water buffaloes and even horses
    B. they feed on eggs, lizards, snakes and rodents.
    C. they prey on the young ones as well as old and sick dragons
    D. they eat anything when they are starving
    Jawaban: C
  3. “ It is found mainly in the island of Komodo and on other small islands, Rinca,
    Padar, and Flores.”
    The underlined word is equal in meaning to … .
    A. Mostly C. Totally
    B. Scarcely D. Severely
    Jawaban: A
  4. “Komodo dragons actively hunt their praise during the day.”
    From the underlined phrase we can say that Komodo dragon belongs to … animals.
    A. nocturnal C. domestic
    B. diurnal D. tame
    Jawaban: B

Reading text 7 for answering questions numbers 22 to 26.

                    A RECKLESS DONKEY

A donkey and a rabbit were good friends. One evening, they were looking for some
food. After walking for some time, they finally found a watermelon field .After
making sure that there was nobody around, they went into the field. The donkey
directly ate a juicy watermelon. He finished it quickly. Then, he recklessly went to
another watermelon, and ate it. He ate a lot of watermelons until he felt full.
“Oh, I feel like I want to sing a song, ”said the donkey merrily.
“No! You are going to wake the farmer ,”warned the rabbit.
But, the reckless donkey did not listen to the rabbit. It started to sing a song loudly.
Knowing that he could not stop the donkey, the rabbit left him alone in the
watermelon field.
The donkey kept singing and singing until the farmer came up to him, and …,”Wham!”
the farmer caught the donkey and tied him to the fence. The rabbit was hiding
behind a big tree, he saw what was happening. When the farmer left the field, the
rabbit released the donkey. The donkey realized his mistake and thanked the rabbit.

  1. How did the donkey feel when he saw so many watermelons in the field?
    A. Sad C. Surprised
    B. Touched D. Overjoyed
    Jawaban: D
  2. “Then he recklessly went into the watermelon field…”
    The underlined word is closest in meaning to … .
    A. Carefully C. Responsibly
    B. Proudly D. Thoughtlessly
    Jawaban: D
  3. What can we learn after we have read the story ?
    A. Stealing is forbidden
    B. Singing is a dangerous thing to do
    C. Be careful before you pick watermelons from other people’s field.
    D. We have to think very carefully before doing / deciding something.
    Jawaban: D
  4. “When the farmer left the field, the rabbit released the donkey.”
    The bold – typed word is similar in meaning to … .
    A. Escape C. Reported
    B. Set free D. Supported
    Jawaban: B
  5. What is the purpose of writing the text ?
    A. To give detailed information to customers
    B. To persuade people to appreciate fables
    C. To describe a donkey in general
    D. To entertain people with fables
    Jawaban: D

Reading text 8 for answering questions no. 27 to 30.

                                   HOW TO MAKE FRIED BANANAS


  1. 750 grams banana 5. 1 teaspoon salt
  2. 200 grams whole wheat flour 6. 450 ml water
  3. 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 7. 125 grams rice flour
  4. 2 tablespoon palm sugar 8. Cooking oil
  5. First cut bananas into square small pieces about 1 centimeter
  6. Mix all flour, turmeric powder, salt, palm sugar, water
  7. Then stir until mixture
  8. Add banana into flour dough
  9. Using a table spoon make spoon full balls
  10. After that drop them into the saucepan
  11. … fry them for about 4 minutes or until lightly brown
  1. The text is written to … .
    A. Share ideas about bananas
    B. Tell about the ingredients needed to make fried bananas
    C. Tell about the way of how to make fried bananas
    D. Promote fried bananas as alternative food.
    Jawaban: C
  2. What should we do after we cut bananas into square small pieces?
    A. Fry them until they are done
    B. Add bananas to flour dough
    C. Stir them until they are mixed evenly
    D. Mix all flour, turmeric powder, salt, palm sugar and water.
    Jawaban: D
  3. The correct word to complete step 7 is … .
    A. After that C. Next
    B. Firstly D. Finally
    Jawaban: D
  4. Why do you think we use turmeric powder in making fried bananas ?
    A. To make our fried bananas taste delicious
    B. To make our fried bananas easy to cook
    C. We use it as the substitute of salt
    D. We use it because it is cheap and available everywhere
    Jawaban: A

Reading text 9 for answering questions numbers 31 to 33.

Green Miles West

The substitution of “West” in our name replacing “California” is the result of an
agreement we reached with California Gardening Association, following a protest
over the original use of “California” in our name.
We hope this does not create any confusion among our loyal customers. While this
represent a change from our initial name introduction, it does not change the quality
of products we offer our customers

  1. The company assures its customers that they will always maintain the … of their
    A. Quality C. Price
    B. Quantity D. Sale
    Jawaban: A
  2. The name “Green Miles West” is … .
    A. A new name that is given to Green Miles California
    B. A new name that is given to the share holders
    C. A new name that deals with California Gardening Association
    D. A new product being advertised by California Association.
    Jawaban: A
  3. The announcement is written to … .
    A. Introduce a new manager of a company.
    B. Avoid any confusion among its loyal customers
    C. Inform publicly about its budget report
    D. Inform publicly about growth level a company has achieved
    Jawaban: B

Reading text 10 for answering questions no. 34 to 37.

On last Wednesday, I’ve got unforgettable experience. The day before, I played game
on-line until 00.00 am. Because of that I woke up late.
It was about 7.30 am and the class would be started at 8.00 am. I ran to bathroom to
take a bath. I used to have breakfast before leaving home, but on that day It was
I always rode motorcycle to go. But what an amazing thing happened, I forgot
where I put the key. So, I went to campus by public transportation. Of course, it took
longer time. I arrived at 8.15 am, I hurried to get to class but I saw my lecturer
standing in front of the class to teach. I entered my classroom and you know what,
he was angry to me and didn’t let me join his material.
It was my bad experience and I hoped I would not do that again.

  1. What can we learn from the text ?
    A. We have to have breakfast every morning
    B. We have to obey our lecturer’s regulation
    C. We have to be able to manage our time properly
    D. We have to play game on- line with friends.
    Jawaban: C
  2. Why did the lecturer not let the writer get into the classroom? Because … .
    A. The lecturer had just finished his teaching materials
    B. The writer came late to attend the lecture on that day
    C. The lecturer was so disappointed with the writer
    D. The writer forgot where he put his motorbike
    Jawaban: B
  3. What should the writer do to avoid being late again to his campus?
    A. He should not play games too often
    B. He should go to bed earlier and get focused with his study
    C. He should ensure that his motorbike is in a good condition.
    D. He should set an alarm before he gets to bed.
    Jawaban: B
  4. lecturer – The writer’s – angry – because – was – late – he –came – classroom – the -to
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    The best arrangement of the words to make a a good and meaningful sentence is … .
    A. 2-1-5-3-4-7-8-11-10-9-6
    B. 7-5-3-4-2-1-8-11-10-9-6
    C. 4-2-1-8-11-10-9-6-7-5-3
    D. 7-5-3-4-2-8-1-10-11-6-9
    Jawaban: A

38. Look at the warning below.

What do you think we should do after reading the warning ?
A. We should obey the warning in whatever condition we are
B. We should pay no attention to such a warning
C. We should share our cigarettes with other guys
D. We should enjoy our cigarettes in public places.
Jawaban: A

Read the song lyrics below to answer questions numbers 39 and 40.

                 “You Raise Me Up”
                Singer : Josh Groban

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary
When troubles come and my heart burdened me
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit awhile with me
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up … to more than I can be

  1. What is the theme of the song ?
    A. A social life
    B. A love story
    C. A motivation
    D. A nature lover
    Jawaban: C
  2. “ When I am down and ,oh my soul, so weary”
    “When troubles come and my heart burdened me”
    From the lyric we know that the writer … .
    A. is sad
    B. is doubting her or himself
    C. feels so frustrated about his life
    D. is so pessimistic about his or her life
    Jawaban: A

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