instagram stories repeating

instagram stories repeating
instagram stories repeating
instagram stories repeating

instagram stories repeating

instagram stories repeating
instagram stories repeating

On June 14, some users went to Twitter to find that Instagram was repeating stories from their channel. Although many people have not experienced it, there seems to be a small percentage of those who have experienced it.

If you look at the conversations on Twitter, you can see that the problem started on June 13th. Now more and more people are coming and admit that they have seen the same stories again. This is not the first time users have encountered this. In 2020, users were facing the same problem, but it was fixed within hours.

why did it happen?

Alphr lists several factors that help you understand why this is possible.

In the beginning, the stories may repeat if your internet connection is not working properly. Sometimes, when the Internet connection is restored, the stories are likely to repeat because the platform is not loading correctly. The second reason is that your application has not been updated. Most of the time, Instagram is likely to bring updates that fix the bug or release new features. As a result, applications that have not been updated are likely to have some issues. We encourage you to go to the App Store or Play Store to see if your app is up to date.

The third reason that is possible in this case is that the application may have some errors that need to be fixed. Since there are several people with this problem, it is possible that Instagram has a bug. They usually heal within a few hours.

To date, Instagram has not made an official statement as to the possible cause.


On June 14, Instagram revealed that it would introduce parental guidance tools to help teenagers. Parents or caregivers can use the following features:

  1. Send invitations to teens to run IG administration tools
  2. Set specific times to limit the use of IG by minors
  3. View and post to teen news in your account
  4. Explore new topics
  5. New Take a Break Rewinds memories from other young creators

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